• Breather

    I can breathe again. As the timeline of impossibilities manifested, the whole world appeared to have dimmed and on the verge of crumble. But then out in the distance, a glimmer of hope shimmered, just waiting to bring light to the darkened landscape once again.

    Fires ignited rapidly and more have been smouldering on the horizon. As fast as fire breaks could be established, the flames spread quickly and sometimes uncontrollably. Without an air pocket in sight, I was inevitably either going to be burnt or asphyxiated.

    When all seemed lost and I held my breath for the last hurrah, an unexpected storm developed and swept in, extinguishing the raging fires and petering out the embers. While siloed patches are still ablaze, these are more manageable without the threat of a full-blown inferno looming. Respite is here for now, until the next fire season.