• The timeline of impossibilities

    When deadlines stack up, it seems impossible at times to fathom that so many tasks can be accomplished in a couple of days. But with expectations that you can, it honestly felt like the hours of work that are put in are just to embellish the higher-ups’ resumes without much regard for the stress and well-being of the underlings.

    With a mountain of work to surmount, burnt weekends and 12-hour workdays are commonplace as you to try and clear as many assignments before they build up again. However, that’s wishful thinking as in reality, when there’s only one of you but an army asking more from you, your plate gets overloaded quite rapidly.

    The road ahead is still long and there are bound to be greater challenges ahead. The start of the journey has been a little bumpy so far with delays and detours expected in the coming weeks. Hopefully this doesn’t drag on till the end of the year as the risk of burnout is real.